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The time has finally come for the students to show their stuff in the first competition of the year.  Please read this e-mail in its entirety (I know it’s long) as most of the information is applicable to the upcoming competition on January 24th.

On the website ( is an updated copy of the schedule (this was added to the website earlier in the week, but some may not have seen it yet).  Many people have had events change, so please look at this new version closely to see if you are in any new events AND if you have any new partners.

We will be having mandatory practice this Wednesday and next (Jan 14th and 21st) at the usual time of 3:15-4:30.  If there is a snow day on the 21st then practice will be moved to the next day school is in session.  Also keep in mind that if there are any school closings or delays that these are the perfect opportunity to practice independently.

On Saturday 24th, please arrive at the Lakota Ridge Parking Lot at 6:50 AM, we will drive from Ridge to the competition.  The competition takes approximately 45 minutes to get to and we need time for familiarizing ourselves with the building.  Some events have Practice and Impound at 8.  Events start at 8:30.

We need parents to volunteer to drive to and from the competition and to help watch our home base.  Parent help on the day of competition is an invaluable resource to the coaches, since there is so much to keep track of.  If you can help carry students to and from the competition please respond to me via e-mail with the number of students you can safely and comfortably carry.  Also please include a cell phone number (if available) the coaches can reach you on the day of the competition.  The address of Magsig Middle School is 192 W Franklin St, Centerville, OH.

This year the awards ceremony will be held at 3:30 PM Centerville High School Theatre which is about a one mile from Magsig.  The address of this facility is 500 E. Franklin St, Centerville, OH.

I would estimate that we will return to the Lakota Ridge parking lot at about 5:30/5:45, however this is subject to change on the day of the competition and is completely out of my control.

If at any point a student has to leave Magsig during the competition, one of the coaches must know.

Students should bring the following (the attached schedule, event rules, 2 pencils, a calculator, and any resources they are allowed to use during the event.  Also they should bring lunch money (or a packed lunch) as well cards, books, etc. to entertain themselves during any breaks they have).  All students should wear their team t-shirt which they will receive (hopefully) on Jan 21st at practice.

The students will be able to buy food for lunch at the competition (I would imagine it will be hamburgers, pizza, etc.)  Students can also bring a packed lunch and any snacks they would like.

To prepare for competition students should be in the final preparation stages of any reference material they are allowed to bring to the competition (binders, field guides, etc.).  They should also be making a list of all the materials they will need for each event (goggles, calculator, ruler, protractor, flight log, etc.).

On another note, after this competition we really need to sink our teeth into some of the building events.  We have made minimal progress on most of our building events (which is normal for this time of year).  In the month of Febuary though I would like to have weekend build sessions that will be 3-4 hours.  We still need a place to host the Trajectory and Scrambler events.  Usually it’s easiest if we use the basement/garage of a team member who is already doing that event.  You don’t need to have any real fancy tools or anything, we just need a supervising parent and a place to work.  I will help the kids purchase the materials necessary to build the devices as long as they provide a list ahead of time.  Those materials will either be sent home with the students or delivered to the place everything is being built.

Keep up the good work.  All little bit of effort in each event goes a long way.  Keep practicing and if at all possible try to get with your event partners to practice together.


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Magsig Invitational Schedule Article on Understanding Science Concepts

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  • 1. gretchen bachelier  |  January 22, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    Ny husband Terry will be able to drive on Sat. he could take 3 other students plus Brandon. his cell # is XXX-XXXX (redacted for privacy reasons). Sorry for the short notice, he thought he would have to work this weekend. Let me know if drivers and parent helpers are still needed. He would be going to the competion and staying. Thanks, Gretchen Bachelier

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