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Setting Goals – Assignment Included

I hope everyone has enjoyed quite a bit of time off school.  I also hope you have used at least a portion of this time off to work on your Science Olympiad events.

I hope everyone enjoyed Magsig and now has a better understanding of what the competition is all about.  Now we have to get ready for our next big event which is regionals on March 7th.

In order to make sure we are prepared for regionals it is necessary to set goals.  Experience has shown me thorugh life that without setting goals on anything (whether it be sports, school, or work) a team or project is doomed to either fail or have it excessive work performed.  Think about it in terms of a sprinter; it doesn’t matter how fast you run if you are running in the wrong direction you will not get to your destination in the shortest time.  In order to get to our end destination, it is necessary to set “milestones” which are essentially intermediate goals.

I will e-mail an Excel worksheet that has a sample building event with several intermediate steps.  Each step or activity has a person assigned to it, a completion %, and a start and end date.  To create your own goals, just delete all of the activities and fill in the event name and people in the event (in orange).  Then fill in the goals and other data on the left hand side (the green chart will complete itself).  Review the goals and determine if they are reasonable.  Is it reasonable to expect materials (particularly mail order items) to arrive in two days?  Probably not.  Also keep in mind that certain items (called predecessors) need to happen before others can.  For example, you can’t cut the wood until you’ve made a plan, purchased the wood, and measured it.

When you are done save the data and send it to me in an e-mail with your name on it.  You may also want to go through these with a parent.

If you have already completed several items put your current point as the first item with a start and finish date of 2/1/2009.

Also for those of you without Excel I will e-mail and acrobat pdf file with the example.  Use another spreadsheet tool or word processor to enter the important data (activities, person responsible, % complete, start date, and end date).

Everyone should complete a goal chart with at least 8 items for at least two of your knowledge events.  Also anyone in a building event should complete at least a 15 item plan.  Please e-mail these to me no later than this Sunday (2/8/09) at 5:00 PM.  These items should also be added to your Science Olympiad binder.

Creating these charts will only take about 15 minutes per event and will go a long way to our success as a team.


February 4, 2009 at 11:30 pm

Science Olympiad Over Break

Last weeks meeting went pretty well. We have just a little under a month until our first competition so it’s time to really start getting busy.

Attached to the bottom of this post are the students event assignments. The events that are color coded in yellow indicate that multiple students are competing for a two person event. I’ll discuss this more in another post later in the week.

For ALL events you need to know the rules backwards and forwards. You should read their rules multiple times over the break. The rules were sent out in an e-mail around a month ago. You should print out the rules for the events you are in and bring them to all their meetings. Last year we were disqualified in an event because we didn’t follow the rules. KNOW your rules!

ALL students also need to have a Science Olympiad binder. The binder should be 1-2″ and have at least two pockets. This will be useful to the students in organizing their materials.

For the knowledge events. The students should start to gather material and resources to study from. This would include going to the library and seeking information about their events as well as finding websites about their events. The students that attended last week’s mandatory meeting received a DVD-ROM with all kinds of information regarding on each event. They should explore this as much as possible. Another very helpful website is: The Wright Center. I would also encourage the students to work together whenever possible.

For the building events THE STUDENTS ARE NOT TO BUILD ANYTHING DURING BREAK. They should focus their time on planning. This would include looking at previous designs, determining what materials the team needs to purchase, and drawing the device (in detail) that they are going to build. You will not be allowed to build anything until you have a detailed plan including a drawing of the item being build a list of materials that the item is made of. Last year we did not compete at the Magsig competition in any building events because we were not adequately prepared. Let’s try not to repeat that again this year.

Anytime the students are working on Science Olympiad outside of our weekly meetings they should complete the independent study form attached at the bottom of this post. You should probably print out a few blank forms after reading this post and keep it as part of your Science Olympiad binder. The completed forms should also be kept in an organized fashion in the binders.

Lastly, have a great break and have fun. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

2009 Initial Event Assignments

Independent Study Form

Independent Study Form (pdf)

December 21, 2008 at 3:42 pm

Lakota Ridge Science Olympiad

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